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Basic Facts

As global economy has entered an innovation-oriented phase and every innovation activity must be international.

BALSEA is as a newly established privately owned market-entry company. It focuses on transfer of industrial innovations within the Baltic Sea Region nad Central Europe by offering solutions tailored to market needs in an efficient way.

Based on our expericence collected in biggest domestic companies, BALSEA cooperates with reliable companies and organisations dealing with legal, tax and custom aspects of business.

We can assist you in increasing your Export Revenues.

BALSEA is opened-minded and flexible organisation so that our all clients are taken care of with the highest integrity and confidentiality.

BALSEA offers complete tailor-made business development in industry and trade support services for successful market access to Poland, Scandinavian markets and the regions of Central Europe based most typically on a success fee.

Our main office is located in Gdansk. Through a significant network of partners we operate in all regions of Poland, Scandinavia and Central Europe.


BALSEA strives to develop business relations among industrial organisations in the Baltic Sea Region and in Central Europe based on Value System we stick to.

Successful companies need to consider to get involved in this rapidly emerging areas. The opportunities to do so are also opening up rapidly so that BALSEA wants to effectivelly assist you in the process.


BALSEA is proud to cooperate with entrusted Finnish and Central European companies and organisations operating globally.

BALSEA strives to cooperate with organizations since new values may be built together.

Core Values

Our operations and performance and the way we run the company and do business must always be connected to our core values.

BALSEA strives to meet high standards of performance and behaviour based on the Company's core values of business conduct such as:

personal integrity

entrepreneurial spirit

value based thinking

social responsibility

In an ever-changing world our value system persists and is universal. We can change everything else and we must be flexible and prepared to meet challenges, but we may never change the basic truths on which BALSEA is based.

Value-based behaviours are a source of competitive advantage and the value system is a key to success. Without a foundation of trust, ethics and genuine statements of and commitment to our value system we will not be able to put quality into our processes and deliver value to our customer.
Our core values are at a focal point of our success.


BALSEA insists on integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business operations.

Bribery and any other form of unethical business practice is prohibited.

BALSEA employees are expected to avoid all situations in which their personal or financial interests may conflict with the Company's interest.

BALSEA recognizes that in view of the scope of its activities, the impact they have on stakeholders, and the public role the Company fulfils, proper communication is essential.

Subject to any overriding considerations of confidentiality, BALSEA's endeavour to communicate with others in an open, factual, and timely manner.

All business transactions shall be accurately and completely recorded in accordance with the Company's accounting principles and due laws and can be subject to audit.

Community Activities

BALSEA is encouraged to support community activities.
It goes without saying that we have a fair and open workplace and treat all co-workers with respect.

BALSEA does not make any payments to political parties, or their institutions, agencies or representatives.

Core Business

Innovative aspects and main advantages/benefits:

  • The competitive advantages include an extensive local business network
  • knowledge of the local specifics
  • deep understanding of the local business culture

Our services include:
  • product introduction and market opportunity assessment
  • business matchmaking, target qualification
  • B2B and direct sales
Basically, the core of our service is understanding the clients business models, incl. business goals, product mix and other expectations in the context of the business environment in the Territory of activity.
BALSEA contributes to:
  • enhancing trans regional transfer of industrial innovations within the Baltic Sea Region,
  • transforming ideas into successful business cases
  • optimizing supply chains by access to local suppliers in Poland
  • easy data collection and professional market researches


There are currently no openings for Full-time, Part-time or Reserve Personnel.


There are currently no openings for Internships.

Get in touch with us !

BALSEA - European Export Developers

ul. Leborska 3B

PL 80-386 Gdansk

tel/fax.: +48(58) 58 58 936

NIP: 957-058-05-42

EU VAT: PL 9570580542

REGON: 221147195